Dynamic Resources is a Turkish registered limited company in Kartepe / Kocaeli / Turkey we have started to serve the Turkish Market from August 2007 onwards. The Company is established to assist and represent reputable German packaging companies in Turkey. The companies are mainly delivering packaging machinery in Pharmaceutical Industry. We have fast experiences with customers in Turkey. Our knowledge is based on technical expertise with machine manufacturers and the needs of our customers in Turkey. We develop, implement and manage the requirements of our customers. We will ensure that the machines ordered will be installed and operated in the most efficient manner possible. Dynamic Resources will aid your technical staff in deciding of the best possible machine line with high standards of product purity and quality, they will further assist your team with the implementation and operation of the production line chosen; the equipment maintenance plan and the implementation of quality focus groups in your corporation.

Our major field of activities are packaging machinery for the;

  • Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry

Our company offers production solutions for customized product/service requirements. Additionally, our company provides distribution and product/services of;

  • GDN WATER TREATMENT, production of water treatment plants. Included with pre-treatment plants, reverse osmosis, multi-process and thermo-pressure distillers, pure steam generators, storage and mixing tanks and distribution cycle.
  • MONTA, As Germany's largest, premium quality adhesive tape manufacturer, we are well known for its reason of Thermoforming Film Tapes 66m x 38mm No. 257” in the middle east.
  • CHEMGINEERING, Biotechnology and Sensitive Chemicals market for the German-language regions.
  • CLEANGRAD, we are able to offer both personal assemblies and general turnkey solutions. We plan, produce, lay and maintain care, so everything is provided from a single source. We design rooms according to your personal requirements and we flexibly equip these rooms according to different plans. We plan, design, furnish and certify the Clean Rooms.
  • MEMATEC SOLUTIONS, specialize in the design of solid-state devices in pharmaceuticals, especially for blister and capsule-based devices.
  • SÖHNEL MASCHINENBAU, Mechanical and electronic investigations are carried out via CAD at the computer via technicians.
  • CAPPLUS TECHNOLOGIES, supply manufacturing equipment in all three solid dosage forms, including two-piece capsules, tablets and soft gelatin capsules. CapPlus Technologies can supply individual machines or complete pharmaceutical machinery production lines.
  • ZIGLER, Aerosol and perfume filling machines and plants, bottling and packaging machines and plants, silicone and adhesive manufacturing machines, as well as a production company specializing in the dosing lines of various chemicals.
  • SRF LIMITED, Dymel company’s devices, Aerosol spray products, Pharmaceutical pusher and manufacturer filling lines productions are available. İt provides you with information about some devices and products that may be suitable for your needs.
  • COMECER S.R.L, Designs and manufactures systems for minimum exposure for operators to ensure safe handling of radioactive substances used in Nuclear Medicine, and systems and equipment that provide total decontamination and irreversibility in all operating conditions.
  • ENCLONY COSA, is a co-developer and developer of equipment focusing on tablet / capsule research and printing machines and packaging equipment for the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries.
  • CONVEL, internally cares for all the details of the design process, from accurate mechanical and software design to the best material selection and components distributed worldwide. It follows production processes step by step until the machines are thoroughly tested. Convel designs philosophy, pays attention to the use of the machine from operator and maintenance engineers to propose a user-friendly machine, but without compromising inspection quality. The number of reduced parameters, easy size change and full access to the machine are essential for electronic installation, and no hidden parts are a must and every Convel project is a big advantage.
  • EMS FLOOR GROUP, implements flooring systems for a wide variety of spaces – including the food industry, commercial spaces, but also for sports fields, parking lots, clinics, offices. In addition to flooring services, EMS FLOOR GROUP also offers waterproofing and polishing services.

We provide technical solutions for your product/service requirements, please contact us for further inquires.