Wall and ceiling systems

Self-supporting panels for walls and ceiling are made of aluminium profiles, aluminium plates on both sides, with a solid filling of Rock wool. The panels are resistant to mechanical and chemical impacts.


  • Width of element: 1230mm
  • High of element: up to 5000mm
  • Surface of element: powder coated aluminium, HPL panels, Inox
  • Filling materials: Rock wool or Styrofoam
  • Cut outs: aluminium profiles


  • Fast and clean montage and demontage
  • Integrated installation
  • Integrated windows
  • Good tightness
  • Walk able ceiling up to 150kg/m²
  • Flexible system
  • No corrosion in case of damage

Windows and lights

As suppliers of clean rooms, we also integrate different types of windows, lights, and filters in our panels. All elements are flush – integrated without raised edges.


We design and produce several accessories for clean rooms such as pass chambers, hydrant or revision doors, different kinds of equipment for changing rooms.