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CapPlus Technologies is the only company in the United States that provides equipment to manufacture all three, solid-dose forms including two-piece capsules, tablets and softgels. CapPlus Technologies can provide individual machines or complete pharmaceutical machine production lines. Please contact us for more information on any of our products including Tablet Presses, Capsule Fillers, Softgel Machines, or anything else you have questions about. CPT offers a complete line of machinery that meets the growing demands of a wide range of potential applications.

Our customers range in size from small research and development environments to large production facilities. We offer a complete line of capsule filling and bottle labeling machines capable of producing between 3,000 to 150,000 units per hour. Various machines can be equipped to fill capsules with any combination of powder, pellets, tablets and liquids.

Our CPT Econoline, Stealth and Millennium Series tablet presses provide manufacturing outputs from 7,200 to 270,000 tablets per hour. Our expansive line of equipment includes capsule dedusters, capsule polishers, capsule inspection, rotary tablet presses, softgel encapsulation machines, tablet cleaning, tablet counting and pressing, bottle filling and labeling, v-blenders, labeling equipment, applications for paintball manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and much more. Finally, our line ofSoft Gelatin Machines can generate up to 230,000 softgels per hour, depending upon desired shape and size selected from a broad range of options.

In addition to our solid-dose manufacturing equipment, CPT provides a complete range of equipment directed to most phases of production. Packaging and support equipment includes: Solid-Dose Cleaning, Inspection and Sorting Machinery, Electronic Channel Counters, Cottoning Machines, Desiccant Feeders, Induction Sealers, Neck Banders, Cappers, Labelers, Bulk Handling Systems, Blister Packaging, Blending, Liquid Filling, Conveying; Tables, and more.

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