ZIGLER is a renowned manufacturer of machines, equipment and automatic production lines. The company specialises in manufacturing equipment for:

  • AEROSOL tank filling
  • Filling SPRAY SYSTEMS (fitted with ATOMISERS) with liquid products
  • Filling screw bottles (CAPS, FLIP TOP, etc.).

ZIGLER produced equipment is used in over 20 countries throughout the world. Only last year, the company delivered its products to such countries as: NEW ZEALAND, GERMANY, LATVIA, UNITED KINGDOM, DENMARK, SWEDEN, SLOVENIA, UKRAINE, RUSSIA, BELARUS.

In Poland, the company has been operating in the aerosol industry for over 20 years!

ZIGLER employs specialised expert team, whose experience and knowledge allow for a comprehensive customer service. In 2012 we expanded our Design Department to develop new range of products. For more information, please refer to other sections of our website: